ArmandoMontelongoIf interested in learning the secrets of buying and selling residential real estate for wealth producing profits, a wise approach might be to study the methods of someone who has done so, literally going from rags to riches the hard way. Armando Montelongo, a phenomenon in the world of buying distressed houses, efficiently selling them for profit, is that someone. Hence, his Flip and Grow Rich book, along with other materials, including a Master Home Study Course complete with twelve compact discs and wealth guides, await the willing, entrepreneurial student wishing to benefit from Armando Montelongo coaching based on his considerable knowledge, but not wishing to suffer the hard knocks he took to earn it.

Even in today’s volatile real estate market, the Armando Montelongo Flip and Grow Rich program has a strong presence. Moreover, the reoccurring theme in all of his instructional materials emphasizes that, no matter the economy, the foundation for successful house “flipping” encompasses critical steps, beginning with property acquisition through the best possible deal while not using one’s own money for financing, then knowing how to get it fixed up and sold relatively quickly, perhaps even in a weekend or a day. Moreover, no experience in real estate, or construction, is needed, as Montelongo will show his student how to ascertain needed repairs and how to obtain and work with the best subcontractors. From step one, it is stressed that anyone can be successful with this plan, even without money of their own, whether plagued by poor or zero credit or failed former business ventures.

In fact, the program speaks clearly to those seeking financial security working for themselves, from the comfort of their own homes, or while continuing to work at other jobs. There are no limitations, so long as guidelines are learned and followed, and one is willing to put forth the kind of commitment and dedication that infuses an incomparable wealth producing machine. Moreover, any Armando Montelongo review would be remiss without emphasizing that this man not only is committed to coaching others towards personal wealth, but that he has never wavered from his own systematic plan, taking less than five years to go from rags to riches that rendered him the largest real estate investor in the country. That’s pretty impressive for someone who was selling his own furniture for food in the beginning!

Just the title of the instructional real estate program, Flip and Grow Rich, taught and practiced by Armando Montelongo, sounds enticing on its own. Who wouldn’t like to achieve success and a secure financial future? Any Armando Montelongo review, however, would be incomplete without closely examining the nuts and bolts of his wealth-building program and why it has become so popular that its originator, while going from rags to riches, has captured the public’s imagination with his stylistic presence on TV’s hit show, “Flip This House.”

Montelongo’s arena is residential property resale or “flipping”, particularly distressed properties purchased while in either the pre-foreclosure or foreclosure phase. With a wealth of information available in hard copy and e-books, as well as CDs and DVDs, there are many ways to avail oneself of practical knowledge through Armando Montelongo coaching and step by step methodology. An underlying theme, perhaps most significant, is that one does not need to possess any personal money or expertise in real estate to break into what, even in today’s unsteady economy, can be the ultimate wealth producing machine.

Montelongo knows of what he speaks. His Flip and Grow Rich book, in fact his overall program, grew from his own brush with poverty and poor credit. His life changed in San Antonio when he began learning about real estate the hard way. He admits it was not easy, that he struggled to learn serious lessons; his dedication and struggling paid off in the tremendous knowledge he amassed and then consistently used to make his fortune. For anyone who wants to run their own business, even if other business attempts have come up cold, he offers a surefire method, with a proven record for success, his own!

The underlying tenets of his step by step plan involve knowing how to find the best property deals and negotiate repairs with contractors, an important requirement when acquiring homes that have been neglected and are going to be profitably resold. He takes his student carefully through every phase of the process, from the initial property acquisition, where knowing how to work with motivated sellers is key, to how to finance those properties without using one’s own money, then fix them up, and finally sell (flip) them effectively for profit. Along the way, he never strays from the basic premise of “flipping” real estate and growing rich!

Armando MontelongoFor anyone genuinely interested in learning about today’s capricious real estate market, there is help in the form of a colorful guru, Armando Montelongo. Montelongo is the exciting young entrepreneur who has made not only a fortune in real estate, but whose step by step program for growing wealthy by buying and selling homes has made him a television star on A & E’s “Flip This House.”

The show’s title aptly summarizes the action theme underlying his unique and systematic method of turning often bedraggled homes into money making resale gems, and the best part is that it can be done without people using their own up-front money or possessing special real estate or construction knowledge. Additionally, since one process, integral to this program, teaches people how to research and take advantage of purchasing homes during their pre-foreclosure phase, those houses often are in need of repairs and reconditioning. However, Mr. Montelongo provides comprehensive information on how to assess what repairs are actually needed and how to deal with, and get the best prices from, contractors.

His Flip and Grow Rich Program primarily provides all one needs to know to be on their way, with some dedication and consistency, to making serious money in today’s market. With e-books, CDs, DVDs, even a conventional hard copy of his Flip and Grow Rich book, he makes a plethora of materials available for the interested investor; there is even an in-depth Master Home Study Course, including wealth guide books and corresponding CDs. On of his latest e-books, Making Millions in Foreclosures, specifically taps into finding property deals across the country while using a computer and cell phone from the comforts of home.

No matter which of Montelongo’s instructive materials one has the pleasure to read, listen to, watch, or learn from, the vital message throughout his overall program is that there is no time like the present to undertake this formula for wealth. He has clearly come up with a step by step system for success even in today’s market, where his philosophy holds that real estate is the ultimate wealth producing machine regardless of the economy.

The only glitch for many is that they lack a mentor. Armando Montelongo coaching solves that problem, stressing how he found his way through the school of hard knocks, his mission now being to share his outstanding success with anyone willing to follow his advice!